Saturday, October 13, 2012

Introducing Jetta

This is Jetta, the Shih Tzu mix dog I adopted from a rescue group last summer. Jetta is approximately 8 years old - a senior dog - like me! Tee hee. He is only 9 1/2 pounds. What a cutie. Right? This picture was taken in my living room where you can see some of his squeaky toys. His bed is in the background, but it is only used for toys. He is quite good at playing fetch, and is a good sleeper near me during the day and at night. Jetta is sometimes shy of strangers, and is quite fearful in the car, but he does wag his tail readily when my neighbors say hello. My daughters and grandchildren love him dearly, as I do, and he is welcome to visit their houses anytime. He gets along well with all the cats! Yes, I miss Reba, but have always wanted another Shih Tzu after losing my Chang Li 3 years ago. Some of you can see his picture on SCS as my avatar. I am the only dog and cat lover in my family.

Bye for now. I will show some cards next time. Have been busy making Fall and Halloween cards with a few winter ones thrown in. Whew.

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  1. Hi Jeanne! I'm ticked pink that you got Jetta. He looks like a little pipsqueak!!