Sunday, October 2, 2011

Join The Gratitude Challenge

Quoting Susan in her Simplicity blog, "Thanksgiving here in the United States gets lost between Halloween and Christmas. It's become just another day to over-eat and watch football. Sadly, its original purpose--to celebrate and give thanks for the blessings of a plentiful harvest--has been lost. The Gratitude Challenge asks you to make cards and send them to people for whom you are grateful, to those who have contributed to the plentiful harvest of your own life."

I am in full agreement with Susan and her friend Sarah who designed the badge that I placed on the right here, so am posting today a fall card. I made it ages ago, but never sent to anyone. Not sure who is going to receive it. :) All the supplies are from GinaK Designs, her Autumn Splendor collection from 2010.  Who is going to join the gratitude challenge? No posting required, just follow your heart. Happy autumn everyone, my second favorite season!


  1. Love this, Jeannie, very rich with texture and color!

  2. Jeanne
    how right Susan is. We do seem to have forgotten what Thanksgiving really does mean. Your card helps to remind us. It's the end of the harvest season and we should be thankful for all our riches - including our harvest. I love your beautiful, bright card. I love the composition and the fact that you allowed us to focus on the sentiment - and the true meaning of Thanksgiving.
    Big hugs, my friend

  3. Your image is beautiful! I like what you did with the centers of the fruit. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!